Your own Ink Business

Calling all entrepreneurs! Technology is burgeoning and printing is the fastest growing market segment in the personal computer industry. With the rise of digital photography, editing and printing of photo's now happens at home and in the office, and hand written notes are no longer considered official tender - even at school! These are all reasons to get into the ink refilling business - there is money to be made from providing this service in your area.

An InkWise franchise is a turn-key operation with a fully proven track record, providing all the support you need to succeed in the competitive computer sales environment. You will benefit from many years of trial and error and will learn the secrets of successful ink re-filling from the InkWise expert during a comprehensive time of hands-on training. Your InkWise shop will be fully stocked and up to date with the latest technology.

For more information get in touch with our franchise sales representative on 084 250 2751 and start your own ink business!

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